Under the Caribbean Sun - Finding Paradise (eBook)

Finding Paradise - A Picture Book.

Slip into the mesmerizing world of a tropical paradise through the pages of "Under the Caribbean Sun." Embark on a profound journey of self-discovery as you encounter the thought-provoking words of over 60 renowned individuals like Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Albert Einstein, Ernest Hemingway, Jack Kerouac, Nelson Mandela, and John Steinbeck.

Their words inspire us to cherish the natural world, embrace adventure, and appreciate the remarkable gift of life. Allow the pages of "Under the Caribbean Sun" to transport you to your own personal paradise.

Discover the thoughts and images that will ignite your wanderlust and awaken the realization that you too can discover your soul of adventure. "Under the Caribbean Sun" depicts everyday euphoria and living in a dream. It is a book of love.

Over the past three years, I have taken over 15,000 high-resolution images of Playa del Carmen on the shores of the Caribbean. I usually start at dawn, then capture the sunrise.

Throughout the day, I keep an eye out for birds, palm trees swaying in the wind, fishing, and dive boats coming and going, as well as anything special that piques my interest.

Approximately 140 of those photos were selected for display in "Under the Caribbean Sun."

When I stand behind my lens, I always seek the beauty of the moment, but more importantly, I try to capture the essence of day-to-day life in a tropical setting. I moved to Mexico for some sunshine and a few margaritas, but I discovered a whole new way of life.

Now, I live in a room without an address. When I need something delivered, even internationally, I must provide a description of my street and where I live. However, there are no numbers on the steel gate leading to my personal Shangri-la.

In my previous life, I owned two vehicles. But in approximately 1,200 days down south in Mexico I have been inside a car three times. Two of those times involved a medical emergency, and the third time it was something about a girl.

Mexico has a colorful past and present. People survive by accepting realities and never talking about specifics. As a big fan of breathing, "Under the Caribbean Sun" embraces this traditional way of life.

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